I have been on a mission cleaning and organizing my studio and I can't wait to show you. I have taken pictures and in the process of editing them and then I will be sharing them with you!

I will be sharing many ways to store your embellishments and tools. Today, I want to share how I store my Sponge Daubers. These Colouring Tools are a must have in your craft room but it's difficult to store them. I have tried many different ways to store them but I finally decided on this way to store them and LOVE IT!!!

Sponge Daubers: One of my customer shared this tip with me and I'm so glad that she did. She had picked up one of these containers from other hobby store and it's perfect way to store my Sponge Daubers.

DSC_0023 copy

As you can see it holds 40 sponge daubers and I still have some empty spots!



For each of my Sponge Daubers, I use a labelled machine to label each of my daubers so I know what colours they are! One of the best things that I purchased as I love a clean and labelled look!!

DSC_0025 copy

I hope I have inspired you to organize your sponge daubers in a cool way!! I would love to hear how you store yours as you might have a different way to store them. I think when we share idea's with each other, we find a way that works best for you and best for your studio.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!